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Blueprint - specific tools
Fact Finder

Discovery Documents
Our initial meeting with Business Owners utilises this range of specific tools that enables us to gain both a detailed understanding of the business as well as discovering and documenting the dreams and aspirations of the particular Business Owner.
  • Business version
  • Practice version
  • Personal version

Audit Report
A specific report detailing the Life and Disability exposures and the recommendations to counter these should a tragedy strike a:
  • Shareholder/Partner and or
  • Key Person
  • Individual
Business Value Calculator
A relatively simple process to assist in establishing an estimated "market value" of your business.

Heads of Agreement
A document that draws from shareholders the critical information required by your legal professional in order to complete your Business Succession Solution i.e. Buy Sell Agreement.

Key Person Calculator
Our software that provides an estimated "dollar value" loss for your business in the event of a staff member critical to the ongoing success of the business suffering a tragedy.

Business Will©
A comprehensive document identifying all the stakeholders of your business, recording what it is that each of them would need to know and including your personal instructions to each should you suffer a tragedy.

Exit Strategy Goal Setter
A tool to record the goals of a Business Owner in developing a planned exit from the business.  This tool identifies obstacles to be overcome and draws out strategies to ensure the desired outcome is achieved within the selected timeframe.

Timeframe Monitor
A grid that outlines, on one page, the tasks/projects that need to be completed, by when and by whom in order to meet the chosen timeframe.

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