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Rob ArblasterRob is the Managing Director of Risk Strategies Ltd, trading as Blueprint providing a range of risk management services. 
The Company specialises in the development and implementation of  “Business Succession Solutions”, i.e. exit strategies for business owners and professionals, covering both planned and unplanned exits from their business.

Rob has 35 years of experience in the broader financial services industry, having achieved many performance based industry milestones, and is a member of the NZ Financial Planners and Insurance Advisors Association professional body. 

Rob has completed Dan Sullivan's prestigious Strategic Coach Programme, a three-year course based in Toronto, Canada.  This is a programme specifically for entrepreneurs and is designed to promote both personal growth and the development of businesses on “future based” principles.
Previously an international sportsman, Rob has kept involved in active sport, playing both tennis and golf on a regular basis.

Rob contributes to the community as Chairman of the Shore to Shore Sports Trust, Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees of Harbour Sport, one of 17 regional sports trusts through New Zealand.
Rob is married to Robyn.  They have three adult children, Mattson, Brady & Christie.

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