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creators of the "Business Succession Solution"

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The overall goal of our unique business process is to create The Business Succession Solution, providing an environment of certainty and predictability for all stakeholders of your business.

Our process is designed to ensure that business owners, their families and or their estate receive fair value for a life’s work, whether a business owner makes either:

  • An Unplanned Exit from the business e.g. suffers a tragedy or,
  • A Planned Exit e.g. sells the business prior to retirement

Our company has first hand gathered information in the field of Business Succession Planning, enabling us to develop our Unique Process, and so produce The Business Succession Solution, effectively a Business Will©.

Have you written your Business Will©

As a business owner you have almost certainly prepared a personal will detailing your wishes for your estate and family in the event of death.  But have you written a Business Will© that identifies all the stakeholders of your business and clearly documents the information that would be vital to them if you were suddenly unavailable.

About Us

We are a unique New Zealand based Consultancy Company with a specific focus on creating and shaping “Exit Strategies” for successful business owners.

Our approach to creating succession solutions is applicable to a broad variety of business sectors, e.g.

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Service Industries
  • Professional Practices
  • Real Estate
  • Information Technology



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